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Data Sources

ASIACHEM Consulting is always working closely with our partners and clients. Our partners include the industrial organizations in the Petrochemical and Coal Chemical Industry in China.

We make calls and interviews regularly to project owners, contractors, suppliers, producers, end users, distributors, etc. With the ASIACHEM Consulting's internal databases, published Chinese data and traditional market research, we can make sure the accuracy of Research and Analysis.

ASIACHEM Consulting maintains and continuously updates the internal database, which contains the valuable data related to the Coal Chemicals and envolved enterprises.


Research and Analysis are developed from an overall detailed characterization of each company's manufacturing capabilities, business position and historical data.

The manufacturing assessments contribute a basis from which to evaluate the material flow through each major plant and chemical complex within the company, and also contribute information such as capacity, technology and other specifics to the economic assessments performed in the business area analyses. The analysis of this information results in material balances for each of the producer's major plant complexes and for the company as a whole.

Analysis of Market Environment include end-use and capacity assessments to provide a basis for a supply/demand analysis. The supply/demand analysis, when coupled with the material flow analysis for each of the producers, results in a production/demand matrix for a particular product. Coupling information from the producer analyses with segments of the business analyses such as the supply/demand summary and the production/demand matrix, leads to a competitive review of the various producers' positions in the business area as well as a platform for an analysis of important industry issues.


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